Symphony on 4th and Mission

This corner on Mission and 4th Street, just one block down from Market Street in San Francisco, is one of the busiest intersections of the city. Today  I was standing there waiting for Gary to pick me up. I was caught in the rhythm and symphony of that part of the city. The sounds and noises made a perfect movement of allegro and vibrato as the rush hour traffic of the start of the Holiday weekend pulsated musical notes of honks and engine reving into a building crescendo.

Faces of people pass by quickly in cars, buses , motorcycles and the occasional skateboard  with the slower moving ones of pedestrians as backdrop. Four lighted corner traffic lights acted as perfect  conductors directing the symphony in perfect tempo.  Like some mutated MTV video meshed in PBS documentary film sensibility,  the images cascading in perfect cadence a city getting ready to party.

People are entering the Metreon Complex.  The New Indiana Jones movie is out. I am sure lots of those people are going to watch that movie. People are going in and out of Bloomingdale’s.   Couples of all races and persuasions are holding hands while walking oblivious to all around them. Groups of families and friends are out together united for the holiday.  The homeless are working the crowds hard for that extra dime.  People are everywhere living and alive.

My mind is lost into itself and is taken into my soul.  I feel free and I am enjoying the vibrations of this beautiful city  and this area that I call home.  New York may be the the best city in the world to many, but it is only because they have not experience San Francisco.  My life dances in this place where I hear music in everything.   I especially hear it here on 4th and Mission.

My day dream is broken….

Gary just drove up.  I get in the car.  The music keeps playing.







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