The People’s Just Cause – Same Sex Marriage in California!

Take My Hand

And Lead Me to Salvation

Take My Love

For Love is Everlasting

And Remember

The Truth that once was Spoken

To Love another Person

is to see the Face of God

Les Miserables-




Phyllis Lyon and and Del Martin had been waiting 50 years for June 16th.  They were married by Mayor Gavin Newsom in San Francisco as the first same sex couple under the newly ruling by the California Supreme Court that overturned the ban on marriage for gay and lesbian couples.

Lyon, 83 years old, and Martin, 87, are long time lesbian activists.  They actually had a wedding under Newsom before, but this is their first legal union.  This couple has seen the gay rights movement mature and develop, and as Pride celebrations are commemorated throughout the country and the world, weddings are also being celebrated in California this month.

Protests continue by religious fundamentalists and anti gay marriage groups.  An initiative has been put on the ballot in November to have voters decide to ban gay marriages in the state constitution, but support for that passage is not as strong as it has been before in the past. 

Personally, this is the great civil rights movement of our generation. It is time that the bigotry end when it comes to the gay citizenry of our country.


The tide is turning with more fervor now.  The rights of a people cannot be denied. No laws, no declarations from the pulpits, no hate splattered across protest signs, no authority claimed from the Bible, no violence, no laws, or referendum, nor court  can stop equality from eventuality winning out.

Today, we see it unfolding as citizens of the great state of California exercise their right to legal union as is the right of every other citizen of the state.  This is a great moment of the people.  A great moment for all of us.

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One thought on “The People’s Just Cause – Same Sex Marriage in California!

  1. I think it was a beautiful thin that Phyllis and Del were able to marry. Love shouldn’t be about sexual orientation it should be about two people who truly love each other. These two women are a clear cut example of that. I wish them all the best and that they’re love continue to carry them through any struggle they may come across.

    I am saddened by the people who felt the need to protest and make some horribly inapporpriate comments. They must not have a passion in life to allow so much hatred to consume them.

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