BBC’s Skins is now on DVD – One of The Best Series I Have Ever Seen!



I was excited to find out that the acclaimed BBC series Skins Volume 1 was now available on DVD. For those of you who have read my previous posts on this import from across the pond will understand that I am quite the fan of the show.




It is an edgy drama that follows the lives of a group of young high school students that explores unabashedly every topic relevant to that age group.  The writing and plotlines are superb.  This is due to the genius combination of a writing staff composed of teenage as well as seasoned writers which results in fresh, raw and honest material.


Laced with humor as well as strong dramatic touch points, the series really gives a real good perspective of life through the eyes of these teenagers. It makes all the American shows of the same genre seem like watered down bubble gum wannabe versions not even in the same league.




It has been many years since I have been in that age group, but it resonates to the kind of issues and mindset of those bygone years with my own group of friends where we dealt with things like relationships, sex, drugs, dysfunctional families, sexuality, our futures, and all the assorted awkward transitional mess that is part of that time.





That is the genius of Skins. It really captures you and hooks you.  The young actors look their age, also and add credibility to the show. I have watched them now and they have all graduated after a couple of seasons.  Now Skins is on to a new season with a whole new crop of kids. Just like real life!


So if you have not watched the show at all, you have got to pick up the DVD set. If you are a fan like me, the set will provide many opportunities to revisit the gang and enjoy the wonderful, crazy, edgy world of Skins!


For more details on how to get your free copy, click on:


“Skins is more than mere shock value, sporting a wicked sense of humor as well as a surprising amount of heart.”
-Entertainment Weekly

Official Website: Skins


Just in:  The new Season 3 Trailer has been leaked with the new cast. It is all over You Tube . Check it out!

4 thoughts on “BBC’s Skins is now on DVD – One of The Best Series I Have Ever Seen!

  1. i agree.skins is amaazzing.series 1 and 2 are the best am i right??!=]who was your favorite character

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