My name is Jon-paul. I live  San Francisco, California. Most people call me “JP.”  I was born on the island of Guam.  I enjoy traveling, writing, film, theatre, music, volleyball, the beach,  and meeting interesting people.

The name of my blog is derived from the word “Tasi”  which means ocean or beach in my native language of Chamorro.  I used to love to sit by the beach and look over the ocean to think and dream as a young boy growing up on Guam.  This blog is in honor of those times…Tasi-thoughts.



I am interested in various issues and things about our world. You will see that I blog about a lot of different things.  I do  write a lot about the entertainment industry, family, LGBT issues, politics, and my Chamorro culture. I certainly do not limit myself to just these topics but they do engage me.

I also love humor and you will see me post real silly stuff. You have got to laugh in this life!

I do love to see your comments , whether you agree with me or not, to my posts.  It is important to express ourselves and to be able to exchange ideas.

I also am on Twitter: @jonpaulleddy.   You can follow me on the sidebar on my home page and click on the heading if you would like to comment on there also- if you twitter, too.

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Again, Thanks for visiting Tasithought’s Weblog.  Come back again.


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“Love life, engage in it, give it all you’ve got. Love it with a passion,because life truly does give back, many times over, what you put into it.” – Maya Angelou

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  1. Hello Jon-paul!

    So, you have entered the “world of blogging” eh? To be honest, I haven’t yet ventured into this world and know very little. But since you suggested, I thought that I would at least enter something on your blog!

    Things are good with me. I’m still in Portland always working on my little house. We’re still waiting for “spring” to start here; my plants are terribly confused! Life is fairly mellow otherwise. I’m still working at the Oregon Post Adoption Resource Center (www.orparc.org) and am a member of the local GL square dance club. It was nice to hear from you. I hope we can keep in contact more often. Give my best to Gary. Take care friend.


  2. Hi JP, I really enjoyed reading your blog. I journal so often, and I have pondered whether I should start a blog. I have the ability to do so on myspace.com. You have inspired me to blog, so I think I will start and see how it goes and if I keep it up. I love journaling.

    Take care,


  3. Jp,

    What a wonderful blog, great start! As a professional blogger, you’d think I’d have friends coming out of my ears blogging, but no. Very few. I’m glad you’re here. You’re writing is a natural.

    Cheers, friend. Hope to see you soon.


  4. Hi Jon-paul: Finally got back today to check your blog. Enjoyed reading about Guam. Didn’t realize how beautiful it is. I was born in Oakland and spent much time there. Was a copy-boy (yes, they even called us girls “boys”)at the Oakland Tribune in high school and college. Was looking at some old pictures the other day here in Oregon and found one of me wading in the edges of Lake Merritt when I was about two. Hope you and Gary can make it up here for a visit one of these day.

  5. I so long to visit Guam one of these days. I’ve never been there, but for the last few years, I’ve really wanted to visit!

  6. Just found your Crayons comment buried in all of my comment spam. Sorry for the delay… Love your blog… keep up the interesting posts!

  7. Hey, great blog! Want to let you and your readers know about a new collection of research about LGBTQ youth on IssueLab’s website. All of the research was done by nonprofit, nongovernmental agencies like GLSEN, Advocates for Youth, and National Coalition for the Homeless. You can check out the complete collection of research here– http://www.issuelab.org/closeup I hope you find it useful and informative!

    Take care,


  8. Hey JP,

    I saw that there was a section to post to your profile and thought I would add to its rank.

    I get a real kick out of your blog. All kinds of topics, all interesting! I actually kind of hope you don’t pick a theme, as reading the blog when it’s just “thoughts” and not “thoughts in a certain scope” is much more enlightnening and open to learning more about you and fostering dialogue through the comments section. But that’s just my preference.

    I would blog, but it would have to be more anonymous. The blog I had posted to, to link to a joke video, is based on my read name and I prefer not to have that out there for anyone/everyone to find…especially if the blog ventures into personal details. But again, that’s just me.

    Looking forward to your continued posting!

  9. hey. nice blog. i enjoyed reading and found the entries very interesting. im sure i’ll be visiting again. hope you dont mind xlinks. im going to add you in my blogroll.

    have a nice day, and keep the posts coming…


    you can find me at http://seaprincess72.wordpress.com

  10. Hi JP,

    Good thing this part is here to comment, I read the Blog, I think that is what you call this. I would have never known how to comment without this box. You can see I don’t do this normally. For you my friend, not a problem.

    You have a lot of information enclosed. I am very impressed by how well done this is. I have heard of Blogs, but I work to much to do any of these. Very informative. How do you find the time to create the site, and continue to update it? Very good reading and I will come back to see what’s new. Thank you for sending me the site. I added it to my favorites.

    Talk to you soon.


  11. Hi JP – Thanks for visiting my site and leaving some great comments! Hope you will visit often. I have enjoyed reading your movie reviews, and about your mother’s Guam experience.
    Take care,

  12. Hey, you had sent me an encouraging post a while ago and i had never responded to thank you. So thank you! Thank you for taking the time to check it out.

    God bless you JP and remember Jesus passionately loves you and is seeking you and wants more than anything just to be with you. : )

    Take it easy,

  13. JP,

    Thanks for your kind comments on my post. I spent some time wandering through your blog and reading your thoughts and opinions. I am intrigued by your diverse subject material.

    It would be interesting to have a conversation with you.


  14. Thank you for your kind words about my father’s passing and my grief. It helps to know I’m not alone and that time will help to heal me.

    I like your blog and the pictures you’ve selected from the Olympics. Very inspiring. Keep up the good work on your blog.


  15. Hey, thanks for the kind post about my show. I’m glad you enjoyed it! The post was very well put together. Be sure to join our myspace page when we launch it! May we link to your blog?

    If you’d like to see more of my work, please visit homelandmusical.com, a show about star-crossed lovers caught in the American cultural wars. Coming to NYC in February 2009!

    Yours significantly,

    Jay Kuo

  16. Thanks so much for your comment, but I can’t take credit for those lyrics! It’s a great song, called “Over You” by Chris Daughtry.

    You can watch it here:


  17. I just wanted to drop by and tell you how much I love this site! Quality Micronesian-run blogs are hard to come by, but finding a “family” blog with photos from Folsom made it that much better!

    I hope you don’t mind that I’m adding you to my blogroll. It would be foolish of me not to!

  18. Ron,

    I sure will give you credit for those great pictures. Thanks for the clarifications in e-mail. What a great website you have and I admire your creative talent!

    I am honored to display your work!


  19. Hey,

    I saw you blogged my cover of “Four Minutes” with the Feast of Fools guys. Thanks for that, and for your kind words. I wrote and recorded a song this week that I’m trying to distribute to as many people as possible before the election. It’s a “We Are The World” style protest song called “Cocksuckers of the World Unite” by Ben Lerman & the Choir for Change.

    Can you blog it, and/or send it to friends in Florida, California, and Arizona before Tuesday?

    Here’s the direct link:
    [audio src="http://www.benlerman.net/mp3/CocksuckersOfTheWorldUnite.mp3" /]

    Ben Lerman

  20. JP-

    Hopefully you are excited about meeting interesting DOGS! Thanks for the post on my blog… I’ve been enjoying yours today. Let’s be friends!

    Many woofs,

  21. Hey, checked out your blog after I got a comment from you on my Mari Durant page… it seems we have rather similar perspectives on the world. Keep on blogging! =)

  22. Hello Jon,

    I love your pictures… I am also from Guam .

    I’ve been living here in Utah almost two

    years, I miss the warm climate…….

    just me


  23. Jon-Paul!!! I was looking through an old address book of mine and I came upon your name! I couldn’t for the life of me remember your last name, but I found it! Remember me?? From Ashland, Oregon? Well, Grants Pass specifically, but it seems that we always hung out in Ashland! I hope you are doing well! I still think of you all the time, and hope you are well! Please e-mail me if you get time!


  24. Hafa Adai Jon-Paul.

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  25. JP, I enjoy reading your blog. You have a lot of wonderful family history documented here.

    I know Phil and I know Tim. I also think I know you from back in the day, particularly when I saw Frank Toves’ photo. Does Youth Congress ring a bell? If it does, I would be anxious to read a blog of your experience and flashbacks. I’m sure Frank would have a lot to say as well.

    Anyways, thanks for blogging and sharing it with the rest of us.

    si Bernard

  26. Bernie,

    I know you well from years past. Youth Congress brings back memories. I have gone by my middle names Jon Paul for years now. I was just back in Guam for my sister-in-law’s funeral this summer and met with Frank. I also saw Mel, Joe and classmates from JFK. That was my first time back in 18 years.

    Thank you for your kind words. You also are a prolific writer and activist. I enjoy your thoughts and believe in the power and strength of ideas. Please keep in touch, chelu.


  27. Thanks JP! I am honored with your kind comments as well. I’m also glad to hear you remember me and even my nickname. Will certainly stay in touch.

    si Bernie

  28. I read your article about being gay and Chamorro, and I want to let you know how helpful it was for me. My niece married a nice Chamorro guy from Guam. But we have only met his mother, and that was a short visit for the wedding. The culture of Guam is still a bit of a mystery to us. My niece and her husband now have a baby boy and I love the way he takes care of the baby. Honestly, my neice complains that she doesn’t get to see her son enough, because he is always with the father! But the baby is only one year old, and the father is already stressing that his son be tough and masculine. We all keep saying “he’s just a baby, babies cry.” But he seems to really stress about his son being a “real man”. Now I have a better idea about where this is coming from. He is also the godfather of my nephew’s sons, one of whom is kind of feminine and we all suspect is gay. Each family member has their own take on this, I’m sure, but my niece’s husband really seems to be uncomfortable with it. He has never made any negative comments about me being gay, but I do know that he gets uncomfortable with me sometimes. Your article has given me a little more context to help understand. Thank you.

  29. A fine blog, JonPaul. I like your header and the name and reason for it. Wonderful!

    Lake Merritt is quite nice sometimes. I was over there last weekend. Visited Mountain View Cemetery. Went to the Whole Foods by Lake Merritt for lunch and then on to the Bonsai Gardens and Treasure Island. I live in the South Bay.

    Nice to get to know you neighbor.

    Blog on …

  30. I knew you would have something special on your site. I was right. Great Job with the Christmas Poem and the other highlights. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Your Friend,

  31. Hi, JP. I stumbled across your site while researching Chamorro legends, etc. I’m an author and am currently working on a young adult novel about a Chamorro boy in WW2. I was stationed on Guam in the late ’60’s and grew quite fond of the Marianas. Would you be willing to answer questions and check my usage of Chamoru? Or possibly even take a look at the novel and advise? I’m about 2/3 of the way through the project. Enjoy your site by the way and will look around more.

    John Bushore (generally known as JB)

  32. your blog is really cool. hoping to have much more creative time here 🙂 thank you for visiting my blog and commenting :)_


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