Hello…New to the Neighborhood

Hello.   Simple.  I enter the blog world. I found a space in this neighborhood of thousands.  Millions? A place for my voice. A place to be creative. A place to be heard or not?

I simply do not know what direction it may take yet. I simply may write about people, my life, my travels, or just write about anything.

Whoever may take the time to read these things,  I hope you will find it at the very least amusing.  

I chose the Tasi Thoughts as my Weblog title because I grew up in Guam. In my native language, the word “Tasi” means beach or ocean. In my youth, I used to sit by the beach and dream about my life and think about things. Those were my Tasi Thoughts.   They continue to live in me.

So here, I am…new to the neighborhood in Blogville…, won’t you be my neighbor?





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