Professor Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture

There have literally been millions of people who have been moved by both the video on You Tube 


 and by the book called the “The Last Lecture” by Professor Randy Pausch.   It was meant to be his words of counsel on life and his advice to his children when he found out that he was dying from pancreatic cancer. 

From a college lecture hall to the internet highway, Professor Pausch’s message of courage has touched many lives, including mine.  He has entered that small group of modern heroes and mentors that I have in my life.

I invite you to visit

2 thoughts on “Professor Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture

  1. How inspiring Randy Pausch is! If you liked “The Last Lecture”, another fantastic memoir I just read and highly recommend is “My Stroke of Insight” by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor. Her TEDTalk video ( has been seen as many times as The Last Lecture I think, and Oprah did 4 shows on her book, so there are a lot of similarities. In My Stroke of Insight, there’s a happy ending though. It’s an incredible story! I hear they’re making it into a movie.

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