Disney’s Prince Caspian Falls Short

I kept wanting to really like this movie. I really love the writings of C.S Lewis and loved the first Narnia film.  However, the sequel ” The Chronicles of  Narnia: Prince Caspian”  felt like something that wanted to be great but just did not ever get there. 


The epic fantasy and landscape that the first film was able to put into a living canvass that really captured Lewis’s vision was somehow muted in the second film.   Caspian had the breath taking vistas and some great special effects.  The cast was beautiful and were good actors.  The battle scenes were grand.   However, when woven together the story felt like a series of snapshots that did not flow together well.

 It seemed like there was lot of  film that had been cut out ( even though the final version was long – 2 hours 20 minutes).  I did not feel like the movie made me want to invest in the characters so I was not moved by the underlying grand ideas and heart of the story.

I would not call this movie a bad movie. I just would not call it a great movie. I had hope that it would be more than it was because it was C.S Lewis.  Read the book.





2 thoughts on “Disney’s Prince Caspian Falls Short

  1. as a film ..if viewed independent of teh books… prince caspian is an entertaining movie. it hasnt wandered of the storyline as far as some other adaptations( see: harry potter) i maintain movies can never hold on tho the book storyline or ever compete with them..…the part of Prince Caspin that bothers me the most is the susan/caspian thing…..read my blog to check my further reviews on this angle..cha!

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