DVD Review – The Invisible – Deserves a Second Look

Just another ordinary day in High School.  You walk into class.  You start talking to people. There’s the girl who sits next to you.  Then there’s the boy who makes a smart aleck comment about a poem you wrote and read out loud the previous day. Then the teacher keeps ignoring your comments and your raised hand. That is when you really notice it. Nobody seems to hear you or see you. It is like you have become completely invisible to them.  Thus the title of the film I just checked out from Netflix.

That may be a dream for some 17 or 18 year olds to completely disappear, but it turns out to be a nightmare for Nick Powell played by Justin Chatwin in this 2007 film directed by David S. Goyer.  Privileged and smart, Nick dreams about going to London to pursue writing while trying to get out of his mother’s ( played wonderfully by Academy Award winning actress Marcia Gay Harden) predetermined traditional college path plan for him.

Nick, who also is a con of sorts, runs a homework for pay service at school. He seems to be on course for a  charmed life when he steps in for a buddy who owes money to a drug dealer at school. This drug dealer, Annie, played by Margarita Levieva comes loaded with bottled up anger gathered from the emotional debris of a multi- dysfunctional life.

It is when Nick’s life and Annie’s life collide that the movie then really takes off into what becomes also the audience consideration of such topics as death, life after death, existence, faith, love, redemption, forgiveness, and second chances.

A betrayal makes Nick the target violence and he is left for dead. He finds himself out of his physical body and needs to get someone to find his body before his body expires. The one person who he really needs help from is the person who tried to kill him.

Against the canvas of youth, the themes become vibrant in texture like a paint brush stoking across the mind, opening up perspectives from different angles of thoughts.  I was riveted to the film as I considered all these concepts and was left pondering them long afterward.

Chatwin who I first saw on film as Tom Cruise’s son in War of the Worlds brought many layers to Nick and reminds me of another actor of his generation, Emile Hirsch.  I believe we will see him emerge in a similar way as a consumate performer.  Levieva is also an up and coming talent. Her character was so unloving in so many ways but she allowed us to feel sympathy for her.

The Invisible has the same kind of impact as the Sixth Sense.  Rent it.

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