Island Images – Memory Footprints Across my Mind

As the sun sets here in the San Francisco bay area and the golden hues of dusk light stream into the room through the windows,  images of my island home of Guam fill my mind.  

I am caught up in the memory  of the distant sounds of waves crashing along the the reefs while I explore the exposed coral rock where mini caverns hid exotic sea shells. 

I can almost feel the hot rays of the Pacific sun against my shirtless back, as my brothers and I run barefoot across the bleached white sand, to see who can get to the next corner of beach front the fastest.  

I can smell the saltiness of the ocean and its promise of swimming its turquoise clear waters.  I can also smell the sweetness of barbecue chicken and ribs cooking on the shoreline by my parents. There will be a feast ready to punctuate the end of our day when we come out of the water exhausted from our time in Neptune’s playground.

I miss Guam.  I return often to the island via my memories.



More scenes from Guam



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