America’s Favorite Intern

(Theme music from the Mary Tyler Moore Show starts playing in the background)

About 7 years ago, Jay Leno discovered in the work station cubicles of the NBC studios, intern Ross Mathews.  His personality  in the office gained him the attention that won him the gig as an Official Correspondent for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. 


Beyonce and Ross

Originally from Washington state, he immediately won over the Tonight Show audiences with his comedic common man coverage of Red Carpet events.  Some famous scenes include Mathews  trying to get the attention of Courtney Love, who ignored him, in which he quickly quipped back that he even had bait ( he was holding a cocktail).  There was another scene where Stevie Wonder passed him by and Ross commented that Stevie might have thought it was a crazy lady shouting after him. Ross is known for his excitable voice going several octaves north of soprano.  He has sat down and lunched with Gwyneth Paltrow.  He is good friends with Rosie O’Donnell.

 His appeal is his sincerity.  An openly gay man, who is so comfortable in his own skin, has resonated well with the public. His fan base includes all cross sections of the American people. He has that Paul Lynde kind of quality but with a more honest comfortability. He also is a true talent whose discovery by Leno falls in the same legendary vein as the discovery of Lana Turner at the Soda Shoppe.

Ross first came on the scene as a full size man. Then he went on the the weight loss show , The Celebrity Fit Club, where he lost an incredible 50 lbs. , or he as he puts it ” half a Nicole Richie.”  His celebrity went into overdrive from that moment on and has not stopped. 


Ross has also participated in Rosie O’Donnell’s R Family Vacations Cruise and he has been a guest star on Days of Our Lives. He is now the spokesman for the Kookooroo Restaurant Chain, after he spearheaded a phone drive, to bring back their side order of Squash when they took it off their menu. It was his favorite item.  They brought it back.  The dish is now named after him.  

Ross has made several guest appearances on many different shows.

For those fans who can not get enough of Ross, like me, he posts a daily video blog on his site called the Ross Blog. I became one of his blog buddies. I have the link on my page.  You have got to check it out.  It is one of the most entertaining daily journals I have ever seen. Ross is a natural.  He has even blogged while he was taking a shower.  It was hilarious.


He and his dog Louise recently moved into a new place in the Los Angeles area. Some of the best part of the blogs are some of the scenes between the two of them.



Ross Mathews is an American original. I hope that after Leno ends his gig with the Tonight Show next year, that Mathews will find another home to entertain the American public.  We need him.  

( Theme from the Mary Tyler Moore Show fades softly into the background)

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