Batik Art in Guam – The Artist Herself – Judy Flores

The Art Community in Guam is not complete without the name  of Judy Flores attached to it. As long as I can remember, she brought the unique wax melted Javanese art form to Guam and then was able to bring the native Chamoru culture alive through it.



To achieve such vibrant colors, wax is applied to the fabric/cloth ( often a combination of bee’s wax and parafin wax is used) before the dyes are applied. Often a series of colors are used through several drying cycles. A canting needle is skillfully manipulated so that it allows the wax to seep out of a tiny spout of a metal cup attached to the wooden tool.  Other techniques of applying the wax, including pouring the liquid and then using a brush, or applying it to a pre-carved wooden or metal or wire box and then stamping it on the fabric.

Since her arrival to Guam over 50 years ago, Judy truly adopted the the Chamoru culture. She learned the language and married a local boy. She has been active in many community efforts especially in the art community. She has written two local children’s books as a tribute to her grandchildren.


Her Batik works of art adorn many government buildings and businesses on Guam.  She is an advocate of Arts Education and has earned a P.H.D. in the Arts of Oceania.    There are a couple of web sites of interest:    and

Judy Flores has made her mark on Guam and will forever be known as one of it’s island treasures.

8 thoughts on “Batik Art in Guam – The Artist Herself – Judy Flores

  1. What beautiful art! Thank you for writing this nice tribute and sharing some great photos. I am sure there are many just like myself who have not yet heard of Judy or seen her lovely work.

  2. Hafa Adai,

    Your piece on Judy Flores came up as I was searching online for what has been written about her. She is my mother and I am embarking on what I hope will be an important marketing/education effort to spread her art and her message. Thank you for your kind words. I wonder if you would mind if I used them at some point as part of my marketing.

    Wishing you a great year ahead.


  3. I just wanted to add to your comments on Judy Flores’ art work. We have one of her original pieces in our home and we love Love LOVE it. I wish I had purchased more than the one piece when we left Guam in 1976. The one we have brings many fond memories of our youthful days on Guam. The ranch, feeding the chickens and the old houses with really no doors. Just absolutely beautiful. I love her work and I love how she has captured the beauty and love of the island people. Thank you Si Yuus Maase Judy thank you for sharing your talent with us all for so many years. We have been truly blessed by your God given talent.

  4. Hafa Adai Jon Paul,
    Thank you for your kind words about my art. You have a nice Blog site.
    Love and best wishes from Auntie Judy

  5. Hi Judy! I’m sure you won’t remember me but in Dec 1993, you made two batiks for me. One was a scene of the chocolate house (in the Agana plaza) and the second was a scene in Inarajan (with the church tower in background). I made sure to use high quality framing materials for both of your batiks; they are still as wonderful as when i received them about 18 years ago. They are priceless works of art to me; thank you for making them! 🙂 Paul Flores

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