Moby Dick – A Whale of a Bar in San Francisco’s Castro District

Set right on the corner of 18th and Hartford in the Castro District of San Francisco is the establishment known as Moby Dick,  a video and pool gay bar, with neighborhood charm and urban sensibility.  It is a popular with both  visitors and the locals.

My partner, Gary and many of our friends, love playing pool there.  I can always tell when Gary has a winning streak because he comes home wearing all smiles, and the bragging starts about how many games he won in a row.  He sounds like he just won the Olympic gold or the Super Bowl. Anyone who thinks gay boys are not competitive have not been to this bar.


I go there occasionally now.  I used to go more and enjoyed the company of many friends there.  Happy Hours were and are fun! I have a lot of memories at M.D.  Most of my close buddies who I use to hang out with there have moved away from the area.


Moby Dick is kind of like the bar in that TV show Cheers.  The regulars know your name and face.  Some of them have probably dated you.

Visitors are welcome. That includes straight people :-).  It is a good place to start your evening. It is a nice place to spend the evening especially if you simply want to play some pool and have a couple of drinks. 


Here’s to you Moby Dick!   Happy Pride!


4049 18th St. 
San Francisco, CA 94114

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