It just isn’t “The View” Any More….


Ok, I admit it.   I used to watch “The View” faithfully when Rosie O’Donnell was on it.  I would record it on my DVR and watch it after work at night.  I would discuss what happened on the show with the women in my family, my girlfriends, gay friends and even straight male friends. I bet more men watched it back then, also.  There were always interesting hot topics and opposing opinions.


It was a great show back then full of  good moments and discussions that reflected the mood of the country.  I stopped watching it regularly after Rosie left.  I know there was that big Bruhaha between her and Elizabeth.  I know Rosie wanted more control.  They should have given it to her.  

I dropped in occasionally and watched an episode. I like Joy and I do like Whoopi. Sherry makes me laugh.  I do like Elizabeth, but some of her ideas makes me think she belongs in another era like back when my great grandmother lived or when cave men used to drag their women by their hair  to the cave.  I predict she will be a Democrat one day or all her children will be far left activists. That will be a blast!  I am sure she will just roll her eyes if she ever read this about her and joke about it to Rush Limbaugh.

I have a lot of respect for Barbara. However, the View is not the same anymore.  I heard that some of the old spirit was back recently when Whoopi and Elizabeth had some poignant disagreements on air.  

I know that Barbara wanted the show to be a place where women could discuss different points of view around the coffee table like a tea party.   However, that is not what is happening around America, Barbara. Women are marching on the streets; women are shouting across the tables; women are demanding action; women are losing sons and daughters to violence at homes and to senseless wars; women are fighting inequality and starvation…women have no time for tea parties.

I am just a guy. What do I know?

 I am just passing the word along from what I hear from my mother, my girlfriends, my sister and from my daughters. 

Women need more Rosie’s on the air.   

Without that, there is no time to enjoy “The View.”   What do you think?


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