How do You Know You Are Saved? This is a Sincere Question

I was switching channels on my remote and I happen to stop on one where I saw a rather colorful sounding man being animated and zealous about a topic.  I could tell it was some sort of religious service.   I turned up the sound.  


He was quoting scriptures and pleading with his congregation to leave their sins behind them and to accept Jesus in their hearts. Normally, this is when I would click to the next channel, but I started thinking.  What were these people buying into? I was being the skeptic.  I was also curious.


“Accept Jesus in your heart, ”  He desperately pleaded.  “Accept him as your Savior. Be saved by His grace!” The service got more and more emotionally pitched as people were caught up in his sermon.  They began raising their hands, weeping and praying.  He exhorted them to accept Jesus as their Savior.


Soon some of them migrated up to the altar and seemed to be overcome by emotion.  These people were moved. They were verbally accepting Jesus in their Lives. They were becoming saved.  I assumed this means they are now guaranteed entrance into heaven.

Questions poured into my mind. But what if you went against that witness and did some horrible act like murder?  Will you still go to heaven?   Will someone, who has lived a life that is good and saintly  in every meaning of the phrase, but has never accepted Jesus be condemned to a hellish after life?

Then back to my original question?    How do you know that you are saved? Is it a feeling? A vision?

I am reaching out to those who know this subject  from their own experience to answer my question. I really want to know. Since many Americans prescibe to this belief. I want to understand. Thank you in advance for your time and thoughts.



5 thoughts on “How do You Know You Are Saved? This is a Sincere Question

  1. Along with all of my Christian Brothers, I can declare that Jesus saves. Here is an account of the message Jesus gave to me when I was saved.

    I can remember it clearly like it was just yesterday. I was swimming in the crystal, clear water off of Cabo San Lucas, when I realized I had forgotten to put my sun block. I turned around to head back when I saw a yacht with about twelve handsome men onboard. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was swimming and in a split second I cut my leg badly on a reef. I could see the blood and I knew I was in a bad situation. I yelled out to the boat, “Help!” I became faint and went underneath the water. I heard a voice say, “Do not covet your neighbors possessions.” I thought to myself, does this mean no more trips to Macy’s?
    I found myself back on the surface and thought I saw someone walking towards me. I must have been delusional. I went underwater again saw my whole life pass in front of me. I came up and thought this would be last time I would see the sky. I went under the water thrice and felt a strong hand rescue me from the water.

    I awoke to see several men surrounding me. One of the men steeped towards me and said, “I am Jesus and I have saved you from watery depths.” I didn’t know what to say and fell to my knees. Jesus said, “Bid me to come inside of you.” (Note: All of this was in Spanish, so it’s likely that some nuances have been lost). Jesus took me to a cabin under the deck. It was something that I will never forget. It was a powerful, jolting epiphany when Jesus entered me. We went back topside and had some wine, bread and cheese. Jesus liked to make wine and owns a vineyard in Baja California.

    We sailed into port and before I left, I said, “Jesus what should I do?” Jesus said, “Enter the narrow gate, for if the gate is wide the way is easy. For if the gate is narrow, the way will be hard, that leads to life and those who find it are few. Be a fisherman of men. He that receives you receives me. I do not come in peace, but with a sword. Sow good seed and remember the playing field is the world.” I walked away feeling I had been reborn to spread his message and tell the story of how I invited Jesus into me and how he saved me from the watery depths.


  2. Speak The Word

    Jesus defeated satan in the wilderness by speaking the Word of God, He said, “Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God”. Don’t forget Jesus was very weak and hungry; He was at His lowest, that is when satan comes to you saying it is hopeless, you are finished, it is all over. My friend the devil is a liar. David the shepherd boy said,” God delivered me from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear, surely He will deliver me from this uncircumcised Philistine {Goliath}.
    Surely God will deliver you from your problem, so, shout it out “SURELY GOD WILL DELIVER ME” The Bible says,” “Call upon me in the day of trouble and I will deliver you”.

  3. You know you are saved by a changed heart – a desire to follow God and be like him, by keeping his commandments.

    If you have been baptised in the name of the Trinity, you are part of the church and claimed by God. Therefore, you are obliged to follow him, or you are making shipwreck of your faith.

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