Ellen DeGeneres Comes Out Front Again!

It was called the “The Puppy Episode”  on the the show Ellen in 1997 when the character of the same name came out.  It was big. It was real. The actress also came out.

It was controversial and brave.  Ratings were very high for that episode.  However, after that ratings for the show nose dived. For a while a career also went  off track at least on TV.

Ellen Degeneres hit the stand up comic trail.  Her talent brought her several projects.  She landed a part in the Disney film “Finding Nemo”, had several appearances again in a variety of TV Shows, got hosting jobs on Awards Shows, and then her own Talk Show. She became the first openly Gay host of the Academy Awards. She was one of my most enjoyable hosts of that show.

This weekend she won her 4th Day Time talk show Emmy.  

Her peers and America love Ellen.  I believe her transparency, honesty and, quite frankly, her wonderful talent is what wins us over.  She is not only an example to the LGBT community but to everyone who has a real dream to achieve no matter what the odds are that are up against them.  She is a winner in tha game of life!

Oh yes,  congratulations, Ellen on your upcoming nuptials!   She will be marrying her longtime partner this summer -actress, Portia Rossi.




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