My New Summer Obsession – So You Think You Can Dance!


I blame it on my co-workers.  I just recovered from our American Idol addiction at work where every week we recounted and debated every nuance of that show down to the David to David finale duel.  With not as much as a coffee break, the group at the office started to snare me into watching that other Fox show show.  You know the one.  The dance one.  “So You Think You Can Dance!   

I started recording the show to my DVR.  I started watching it.  Something kicked in my DNA make up similar to when I heard my first Donna Summer dance anthem. I LOVE THIS SHOW, BABY!

It is similar to American Idol in that viewers vote after the dancers compete on Wednesday. Each individual dance couple has to perform a different type of dance genre every week.

However on Thursday, the bottom three couples are announced. Then each dancer has to do  a timed solo performance and convince the 3 judges they are worthy of staying.

The bottom two are sent home packing. At this point two dancers are voted off.  I think it is one male and female until the group gets smaller.

I have selected 4 of my favorite couples and have put them in in order.  The top being my favorite.  Their performances from last week are also included for your review.   I will include my commentary every week and see if this changes.

My favorites from last week are:

1.  Twitch & Kherington

2.  Joshua and Katee

3. Gev and Courtney

4.  Mark and Chelsie

Who are your favorites?

Check back next week for an update!

The official website for the show:




2 thoughts on “My New Summer Obsession – So You Think You Can Dance!

  1. Twitch & Kherington are definitely my favorites. Welcome to the addiction. At least this is a pretty good addiction. The dancing is amazing and the personalities great.

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