San Francisco Pride Parade 2008 Pictures – Equality Now!

The morning started chilly and windy, typical for the bay area.  The crowds gathered.  The Parade started.  The sun came out.

There were the usual staples of the San Francisco Parade, the Rainbow flags, the shirtless muscled men, the drag queens and the dykes on bikes,  but this time there was something more.  


You could see it in the Parade in the myriads of wedding gowns and groom’s tuxedos.  In the numbers of same sex parents and their children marching together. In the numbers of straight parents and their gay sons and daughters holding hands proudly. In the numbers of gay young teenagers cheering in group after group. It was in the music and on the floats.











It was also on the faces of the parade spectators,  a mixture of gays and straights from all races and creeds. We were shouting it together. We were calling for equality.  The revolution has gathered a new energy.

The same sex marriage legalization in California was simply the rallying cry.   The movement has been ignited and it is rolling forth America!   Happy Pride!







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6 thoughts on “San Francisco Pride Parade 2008 Pictures – Equality Now!

  1. filth – pure filth. that is all I can say about the perverse who advocate and push this agenda/lifestyle. If there was ever a doubt that this agenda is to “brain-wash” and deceive the next generation into thinkiing this is “normal” just take a look at the young boy holding the rainbow flag. He will grow up exposed to this perversity and will be messed up by the adults who expose and preach this mantra to him from a young age. Poor little guy – unbelievable how the left thinking opinion shapers have done such a great job in selling (i.e. ramming it down the throats) this to the masses. Like lambs to the slaughter…..

  2. Dan,

    It was to combat bigotry and narrowmindedness like yours that Pride celebrations were started. What is perverse is the hatred that is spouted by individuals like yourself who do more to slam down their opinions into the general public then any of these parades ever do.

    This young boy with the flag is well loved by his parents. Nothing that you can say or do will change that. The people that were at this pride celebration came from all walks of life. There were many churches and faiths represented. It was a beautiful and wonderful human rights celebration.

    More and more people are realizing that what is really “messed up” is the propanganda that has been been sent by the powerful extreme right who have done more to slaughter innocent lambs by their hate over the ages.

    Times are a changing. Get use to the Rainbow Flag. It will fly proudly.

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