Governor Gavin Newsom – Setting the Stage for California 2010


Currently the 2nd term Mayor of San Francisco,  Gavin Newsom,  has gained national attention for his efforts for equal rights for gays in the state of California and for his advocacy for the legalization of same sex marriage.   A straight man, himself, divorced , Newsom is now engaged to be married to actress Jennifer Siebel.


The 40 year old Newsom is known for foward thinking programs in San Francisco in the areas of the homeless and the poor.  As a democrat, Newsom has gone against type and has also pushed significant economic initiatives for the city.

Politically, Newsom has been through both personal and some political scandal but has weathered both well. He is considerably popular among the public and has the ability to communicate well with the people with his grass roots approach.

He is famous for his city walks and popping into neighborhoods and businesses. This personable approach and his good looking movie star looks draw people to him.

However, the real test will be in how Newsom can now convert his natural ability into solid policies and a platform for California, a state that is in need of a sound economic and growth policy – not one that weigh down its already overburdened, heavily taxed electorate.

Personally, I am for a Newsom governorship for California. We need a progressive leader who is willing to stand against the tide to make hard decisions and stick with them.


Today, Gavin Newsom filed papers today to form an exploratory committee for a potential California gubernatorial bid in 2010.



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