Wall-E the Movie about a Robot Delivers a Very Human Story – Pitch Perfect

There is something rare about a movie that is absolutely perfect from beginning to end,  the story, the acting, visuals, the editing…  Wall-E , the new movie by Disney Pixar is pitch perfect from beginning to end.  What makes it more significant is that it is an animated film about a robot.


The story centers on a waste clean-up robot, named Wall-E ,left on an abandoned earth. It’s directive, given by the departed humans, is to continue the huge trash collection project  . With no one but a friendly cockroach, Wall-E lives out his existence doing the clean up work and collecting interesting human junk while playing reruns of scenes from the movie Hello Dolly.  Wall-E is a romantic.

Soon a robot probe arrives named Eve sent from the descendants of the long departed humans after 700 years.  Wall-E is smitten with Eve.  Eve has a special mission.  Wall-E gets mixed up in it. An adventure  with romance begins.

The animation in the movie is amazing, The audience in the theatre of adults and children were caught up with the characters and the stories.  At the end of the movie, there was applause.

Wall-E is a MUST SEE movie for the summer.  It is a movie that wins your heart.

16 thoughts on “Wall-E the Movie about a Robot Delivers a Very Human Story – Pitch Perfect

  1. from the automatically generated links, Wall-e’s favorite movie is “Hello Dolly” not “Music Man”.

  2. This movie freaking blew. It was the kiddiest movie put out by Pixar. They took on the heavy topic of where our current destructive lifestyles will lead us and tried to explain it in an hour and a half. There was no continuity, with thousands of people cheering on a random robot after having never been introduced to either him, his plan, or his “ideals,” don’t even get me started on what robots are and aren’t capable of. It was a story based on an unrealistic concept with poor character development and a “side-plot” that overshadows the main ploy by several orders of magnitude and ends up not telling either story well. Eight thumbs down, this coming from a fan of most other Pixar movies (Cars was weak too). But you’re entitled to your opinion.


  3. this may have been pointed out before, but it wasn’t The Music Man, it was Hello Dolly. Yeesh! Rest assured you don’t have a gay bone in your body.

  4. It was a great movie overall. My only nitpicky complaint about the movie was the choice to use live-action characters for some of the ship commercials and the video playbacks of the president. They used real actors for these scenes and then the humans were CG throughout the rest of the film.

    A small little detail that kinda of bugged me a bit. This is coming from artist point of view of course.

    But overall, a great summer movie.

    -John Dee

  5. I stand corrected. It was Hello Dolly that Wall-E was watching clips from and not the Music Man. I appreciated the bitch slaps and made the corrections. LOL. Don’t rebuke my gay card yet!

  6. It was probably one of the most “human” stories I’ve seen in a long time. i completely enjoyed every moment of it! Kids and adults a like will love this film.

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