DVD Review: 29th and Gay Nice Story – Done Before

I just finished watching th 2005 movie on DVD called 29th and Gay. Written and acted by James Vasquez, the movie does have a wit and humor that is a reflection of Vasquez’s obvious talent.   There is a certain charm to it despite the “budget on a shoestring” obvious production value.


However, the story runs the gamut similar to a lot of gay films out there.  The gay man trying to find the love of his life “the right one”,  while tagging along by his side are his straight “fag hag ” girlfriend and gay “slut” best friend.

There are the usual comedic mishaps, the sad moments, then the final fruition when that hot guy at the local coffee shop notices you and the “right one” moment happens.   Yep, seen that before….many times.

To be fair the writing is better than most and there are some really funny moments, but the film as a whole is okay. if you have nothing else to do, rent it.

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