DVD Review: Tan Lines – A Coming Out Story Overshadowed By the Bizarre


I watched the 2006 Coming Out movie, Tan Lines, directed and written by Greg Aldridge.  I came away from watching the film with very mixed feelings about it.  The central story focuses on the coming out of story of a young man named Midget Hollows ( Jack Baxter),  who lives in a provincial town in Australia, and his love afffair with his best friend’s troubled brother.    There are enough powerful themes within that story and well written plot lines to be more than enough to fill a complete movie.


However, the movie attempts to bring in all kinds of other bizarre subplots that range from sexual extremism to religious  symbolism, that the  story between the two boys almost becomes muted against the distraction of everything added to the film.

I felt like I had a figurative stomach ache and emotional nausea after digesting everything that I saw on Tan Lines.  I never want to revisit those characters again.


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