Mark Kanemura -So You Think You Can Dance – You Bet He Can!



Okay….  I was taken by complete surprise that Gev Manoukian was voted out by America this week. He was my favorite male dancer.   As you can see by my previous blog that I had not seen the finale yet (I recorded it on the DVR). So it was a real shocker to see Gev end his participation in the competition. I was not surprised by the elimination of the female dancer, Kherington Payne.  However, we will see both of them come back later in the season for the finale and also for the upcoming tour.


Twitch, Joshua and Will are great male contenders.  So are Katee and Courtney on the female side.  However, who I really would love to see win the entire thing is Mark or as he is formally known as Mark Kenneth Ioane Kanemura. 




He has been one of the most unique dancers of this competition.  He has delivered some of the most memorable performances. He also has that same quality that Gev has which is sincerity and a performance that comes from the heart.





I am also from the islands so the fact that Mark is from Hawaii does affect my bias a little. However, his talent more than speaks for his abilities. He also has an A+ star personality.



In an interview with Photographer Russell Tanoue, Mark answered the following question:


If you had the power to change the world, what would you do? If I had the power to change the world I would instill LOVE! Its all about
Love!!!! The love for others, for what you do, for what surrounds you, and for yourself!  I think if this was a main focus for the world, a lot would change…..wars, poverty, violence, etc.”


I know he landed in the bottom two this week.  I think that Mark is not going to make that happen again….or least try his darndest!


Here are some of the reasons why Mark is my favorite:






6 thoughts on “Mark Kanemura -So You Think You Can Dance – You Bet He Can!

  1. well……………… i ABSOLUTELY LURRVVVVV Mark !!!!!!!!!! . HE’s soooooooo HOT,CUTE, LOVABLE and seems to have a KIND HEART ❤ love him love him love him love him love him!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ahh, Mark. You should have won it all.

    So sorry you didn’t get the props you deserve.

    You are so amazing and I loved everything you did.

    Much love.

  3. I saw this show in the UK ! It was wicked, even tried to nick the moves for one of my strip shows (but there way out of my league) If it don’t work out come to England and do the Uk strip scene you’d make a killing !
    good luck

  4. I met mark when the SYTYCD tour came to R.I. He was the absolute nicest man i’ve met with such great talent.

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