Estelle Getty – Farewell Beloved Golden Girl!








It is hard to get rid of that lump in my throat and the tears that seem to well up in my eyes every time I think that Estelle Getty has passed away. I never knew her personally.  She was simply the oldest of the Golden Girls on TV.  She was crotchety and mischievous Sophia Petrillo , mother of Dorothy Zbormak ( Bea Arthur).  


The biting humor between her and Dorothy was wonderfully played out. In the end you knew they loved each other. Estelle Getty brought an unforgettable character to the small screen to an ensemble of characters that are now part of television legend.


Much younger than she really played ( Bea Arthur is actually older than Estelle), Getty made Sophia believable and endearing. She won an Emmy for the role in 1988.  She has appeared in several TV shows and even had roles in the Mask, Tootsie and Stuart Little.


She was married to Arthur Gettleman until his death in 2004. She is survived by two children.



I pay tribute to a great lady who made us laugh and cry.  I honor her talent and her artistry. Thank you, Estelle for sharing your golden touch with us!  We will miss you!

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