Feast of Fools Amanda Steinstein to be featured in TLC’s What Not To Wear


Tonight,  Thursday, March 24th, if you happen to be in Chicago between 5-8PM , you are invited to go to Green Dolphin Street located at 2200 N. Ashland St. Chicago, IL 60614 to be part of the the big reveal of TLC’s reality show What Not To Wear. Featured victim …I mean…makeover project….is Amanda Steinstein….popular funny woman and regular of the award winning podcast Feast of Fools.  Podcast Hosts Fausto Fernos and Marc Felion will also be there.



Here is a brief bio on Amanda from the FOF website:

Amanda Steinstein – Chicago, Illinois

Amanda Steinstein would rather be curled up reading science fiction paperbacks than anything else. Between alternating trips to the gym and Baskin-Robbins, Amanda likes to do improv and sing karaoke.
She also loves to paint on people…kids will do, but she prefers grown-ups because they hold still better. Amanda scours the Internet for what she feels is the weird, the wisdom and the absurd. Her acerbic wit and charm bring a lot to the banquet that is the Feast of Fools.

Amanda Steinstein found the Feast of Fools through an ad that was placed on craigslist.org. “Rejected by American Idol? Humiliated by your peers? The Feast of Fools wants YOU. Bring us your geeks, your misfits, your outcasts, your oddballs. We want big chested, bold women to sing, crack jokes, collaborate and dance in our musical variety shows.” Amanda Steinstein was the only person who shined in the auditions, and the rest is HER-story. (http://www.feastoffools.net/about/)


I met Amanda once when she was on touring with FOF in San Francisco. She was really personable and likable. She loved mixing with the fans.   I also was picked from the audience to participate in with her as conductor of the Orgasm Choir.  You had to be there.

I hope you can make it.  If not, visit http://www.feastoffools.net/ and listen to her participate with Fernos and Felion on several podcasts. You will become a fan.

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