Shiro’s Head – Indy Film To Watch – Art of Filmmaking at It’s Core


Don Muna as Vince

Don Muna as Vince

 My youngest brother, Tim, sent me the URL to a website of an independent film called Shiro’s Head (  First of all, this is one of the best sites that I have seen on the development of an independent film. I was able to navigate through its pages and really feel the heart, soul and commitment of this team of filmmakers. Don and Kel Muna and their creative team and film crew should be commended because based on just what I see; this is a film to watch when it is released.  The images and the storyline is compelling. 







 Guam has always had great storytellers but to see this level of quality come out through the magic of technology is wonderful.  This truly reflects the artistry of Muna and their team. What is amazing is that they have taken relatively inexperienced actors and pulled it off.  It is true independent film-making at its core. Its purity is refreshing in this age of commercial packaging. This alone wants me to advocate its wide distribution.


Here is a synopsis of the film directly from their site:  

Shiro’s Head – Synopsis


A modern part of a forgotten history, “Shiro’s Head” takes us to the Pacific island of Guam, USA where outcast Vince Flores (Don Muna) struggles to come to terms with his family’s history of secrets and a dark past of his own. Shunned from his family for the death of his father, his attempt to reconcile causes his family’s past to catch up to him for the last time. Based on a universal theme of family, faith and forgiveness, “Shiro’s Head” features a talented cast of unknowns including a unique setting with a character all its own.


Shiro’s Head is the feature film debut produced, written and directed by brothers Don and Kel Muna. Their screenplay is adapted from their original short story entitled “The Legend of Shiro”. Shot entirely on location in Guam, USA, the island naturally sets the framework for circumstances of life in a small town. “Shiro’s Head” is a do-it-yourself, independent production with associate producers Jennifer Davis, Naomi Castro and Michael Muna.


The soundscape of the island comes to life with original score by the Muna Bros. interwoven with original music by Brandon Mayer, Rebel Lion, D.U.B., Brandi Jae, By Blood and more.

 The film is in post production.   Be on the lookout for it and make sure you see it.  This movie looks like it will be a memorable one.


Don Muna’s Blog:

 Kel Muna’s Blog:


Make Your Own Movie:

Shiro’s Head  Soundtrack:

2 thoughts on “Shiro’s Head – Indy Film To Watch – Art of Filmmaking at It’s Core

  1. JON-PAUL!

    I came across your post about Shiro’s Head and I’d like to sincerely thank you for all of your kind and inspiring words. You don’t know how much it means to my brother Don and myself whenever we receive support from people across the globe – whether it’s Guam, Oakland or anywhere! It gets pretty hard sometimes for a little independent film to generate any type of buzz and we really are grateful. We appreciate that you took the time to mention the movie and to see its potential.

    As it stands right now, Shiro’s Head will be making its debut the first week of October here on Guam! 🙂 It’d be great if you could share the experience with all of us. Guam always has room for those that are open-minded and creative! Keep on keepin’ on!

    Much thanks to you,
    Kel Muna

  2. Hey Jon-Paul,
    Thanks so much for the post… I really appreciate the support. Yesterday we were able to set up some solid dates for the first public screening on Guam… my brother and I are so excited… we never knew the movie would come this far and create so much of a buzz… it really has been a dream come true for us… to create something and have it take on a life of its own… is definitely an experience that no creative mind should go without. Thanks again for spreading the word… Biba Chamorro!

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