BYU Ranks #1 Most Sober University – Go Cougars!

People are surprised to know that I actually graduated from Brigham Young University. A lot of things have changed since I lived in Callis Hall in Deseret Towers.  Steve Young, Ex-49er Quarterback , was my Geography classmate.   Our Professor would always go over a game play with Steve on Mondays after a game on the weekend.  It was always a hoot to watch Steve sit there and patiently listen.   There was never a game on Sundays. It was a school owned and runned by the Mormon Church or as it was correctly known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

BYU Students

BYU Students

Generally, my experience there was a good one. I had great friends and my education was a  quality one.  I did have to take religion classes.  I could not smoke, drink, have coffee or tea.  No premarital sex. Yes, it was a very different college experience.

Here are some of the interesting #1 rankings BYU received from the Princeton Review:

  • No. 1 – Future Rotarians and Daughters of the American Revolution
  • No. 1 – Got Milk?
  • No. 1 – Scotch and Soda, hold the Scotch
  • No. 1 – Stone-cold Sober Schools
  • No. 1 – Most Religious Students
  • I have to chuckle because these rankings are so true.   I have included an article from the BYU School Newspaper below with the full story. Just one more thing about my alma mater from a place in Utah affectionately called “Happy Valley,” I had a nice time there  but I am glad I live in the Bay area now.

    BYU Ranked No. 1 Stone-Cold Sober University in U.S.– Again

    By Ryan Merriman – 4 Aug 2008

    For the 11th straight year, BYU topped the Princeton Review’s list of stone-cold sober universities in the United States. The LDS-Church owned university also garnered top-20 rankings in best college library, No. 6; best quality of life, No. 16; most politically conservative student body, No. 8; and most religious students, No. 1.

    The rankings are the result of surveys completed by 120,000 students from 368 universities. The Princeton Review asked each student to rate his or her university in dozens of categories, ranging from political orientation to drug and alcohol use. The review’s author Robert Franek hopes the rankings will help prospective college students find the university that best fits their needs.

    “In our opinion, each school in this book [The Princeton Review] is first-rate academically, but their campus cultures and offerings differ greatly,” Franek said in a news release. “We believe college applicants need to know far more about schools than an academic ranking to identify which colleges may be best for them. It’s all about the fit.”

    Ryan Hillary, an 18-year-old from Sandy who will attend BYU this fall, said the university’s standards were a big reason he decided BYU was a perfect fit for his educational and career goals.

    “I was trying to find a place where I could feel comfortable and just learn without the pressure of people drinking and partying all the time,” Hillary said. “It’s important to be around people that share my values.”

    The stone-cold sober ranking is a combination of questions concerning drug and alcohol use, hours spent studying and the popularity of fraternities and sororities. BYU also ranked first in the “got milk” category, which measures students’ perceptions of beer consumption among their peers.

    Krysten Clark, a sophomore majoring in early childhood education, said she’s proud of BYU’s high rankings in low drug and alcohol use.

    “I think it shows something about the values and morals at our university,” she said. “But it’s kind of weird we’re only third in ‘don’t inhale.'”

    The ‘don’t inhale’ category rates schools based on students’ answers to the question, “how widely used is marijuana?” The only schools ahead of BYU are the U.S. Naval Academy and the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.

    In addition to student ratings, The Princeton Review also collects statistics from each university on its academic standards, faculty and student body. Anyone lured to Provo by rumors of a two to one girl-boy ratio may be disappointed. The review reports BYU’s student body is just 49.18 percent female.

    Infobox: BYU rankings in the Princeton Review:

    BYU Rankings

    No. 1 – Future Rotarians and Daughters of the American Revolution

    No. 1 – Got Milk?

    No. 1 – Scotch and Soda, hold the Scotch

    No. 1 – Stone-cold Sober Schools

    No. 1 – Most Religious Students

    No. 3 – Don’t Inhale

    No. 8 – Most Conservative Students

    No. 10 – Town-gown relations are Great

    No. 16 – Best Quality of Life

    No. 16 – Happiest Students

    No. 17 – School Runs like Butter

    No. 18 – Everyone Plays Intramural Sports

    Copyright Brigham Young University 4 Aug 2008

    21 thoughts on “BYU Ranks #1 Most Sober University – Go Cougars!

    1. Is it true that nobody has sex, drink, smoke, do drugs in BYU? Do you guys have parties? Wouldn’t kids find a way to have fun anyways? Is so thats great.

    2. I had a lot of “fun” while attending BYU. Your question implies that for someone to have fun they must drink, smoke, do drugs, or have sex. I did none of these, but I can’t remember a more enjoyable time in my life. During the week I went to class, worked, studied and socialized with great people. On the weekends I met girls, attended games, and even went to some parties that included dancing, meeting people, and food (no alcohol or drugs). I dated a lot of amazing girls and got married just before my last semester.
      What is great about BYU is that people leave with a unique perspective on life (I’m not saying you can’t get this at another University). Graduates leave with an understanding of responsibility and how true fulfillment comes from living high standards while working hard to get somewhere in life.

    3. A college that promotes education and responsible/healthy living? Why mock that? There should be more schools like this…

    4. Vince,

      There are many things admirable about those qualities. However, do not take things so seriously. If people are going to joke about how healthy and responsible you are….well…..there are worse things. Continue to live your life and standards.


    5. Reading this one, Id love to attend byu once, actually im preparing in esl international test, and gmat to get an mba there, I can breath the snow, learn about jesus, and share with and outstanding people from all over the world. thanks a lot for everything you can tell us. cheers from Chile.

    6. Everyday i could feel good when i search for the strenghts. I like the shirt you called it -I CAN’T…I’M MORMON
      Are you selling those? I like to buy one for me because I know it can help me to remember who i am anyway….Remember to be proud of being a MORMON,OKAY.

    7. BYU is a disgrace to all colleges and you can’t have fun without sex and alcohol. There is a kid in my class who is Mormon, and i can’t stand that mother fucker. His bull shit about BYU and how it’s like heaven really gets on my nerves and i hope the school goes downhill from this point on and is well known for drinking and sex. FUCK BYU!!!!! i hope Kansas State buries them into the fucking ground!!!!!!!!!

    8. Go BYU! I love how you’re so nice! Yep, lds represent! We rock, life’s awesome, and one more thing… Instead of thinking of the things we CAN’T, we CAN do a lot of things others think impossible. Cancer gone, and doctors are baffled of the ‘supposed’ to be dead patient. Bankrupt family pay tithing, and all bills were able to be payed. Miracles DO happen not because we CAN’T, but because we CAN! 🙂
      And Dan,
      You are awesome, congratz on the marriage and I truly do hope it lasts eternity for you two.
      Peace all,
      Love CD Larson

    9. I can’t say that it’s a bad thing for a school to promote no drugs, alcohol, etc. I don’t agree with the way they can enforce this but anyone attending knows what’s expected. I do disagree that it’s necessary to rid these “evils” from the college atmosphere. At this age, all students are young adults and should be able to make their own decisions, not rely on an institution to tell them what to do, how to act, and who they really are. Lastly, can the “I’m a Mormon” commercials please stop. Guess what, it doesn’t matter what your religion is because everyone is capable of something. Under this rationale, Theodore Robert Cowell should be included, I killed innocent girls, I’m a mormon. Proxy rites are a joke.

    10. I’m really super curious, if someone has a party at BYU, maybe a birthday party for example or even just a simple frat party, what drinks would be served? beer and alcohol is obviously out of the question but what about coke? cause doesn’t it have caffeine in it too?


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