America Needs to Tune in to BBC’s “Skins” on Sunday Nights


BBC Skins Cast

BBC Skins Cast

This fall we will see the remake of the teen drama 90210 premiere as well as the highly popular Gossip Girl return to the CW Network.  These American TV shows will bring us the usual diet of pre-packaged good looking young people with the teen angst drama story lines that we see repeated for each generation of TV viewers.


It is all good.  I have been entertained over the years and have enjoyed some of them.  However, I have recently discovered a show in this teen genre that is a step up from the crowd. It is on the BBC America Channel and it called “Skins.”


Now, I have always been a fan of some of the shows on that channel but have never really reviewed any in this genre of television entertainment.


The show immediately draws you in because the actors actually look like the 17 years olds they are playing in the show. What a concept!  That has been my biggest complaint about their American counterparts is that the actors in similar roles always look too old and sophisticated. 

The story lines are more realistic and not glamorized. The producer uses both young writers (in the age group of the characters) as well as seasoned writers to develop the story lines and story arcs.  This eliminates any kind of patronization and over simplification of issues that can creep into the writing of such shows. 


The actors are a good ensemble cast and work well with each other. I have included some interview clips.  You will find them engaging and interesting.


With all these shows vying for your viewing attention this fall, check out Skins on Sunday Nights at 10:00 p.m./9:00 p.m. Central or download episodes from iTunes for a small fee. This is a show from across the pond that America should not miss! 

The Show  (  



 Skins airs Sundays at 10/9c.


They’re just your average group of 17-year-olds from Bristol. The gang is led by Tony, the best-looking, most-popular kid in town. He’s always up for a laugh but always at someone else’s expense. And then there’s his poor best mate, Sid, who is forever lusting after Tony’s gorgeous girlfriend while Tony plays him like a fool. But Sid will get the girl of his dreams, eventually – just not the girl he thinks.


Tony’s girlfriend Michelle – a.k.a. “Nips” (don’t ask) – is drop-dead gorgeous with a quick wit that keeps everyone on their toes. Except Tony, that is – he runs rings around her. And she knows it.


Chris is the class clown; he’ll do anything (or anyone) if it’s good for a laugh. But nothing gets him going quite like his psychology teacher, Angie. And there’s Jal, who is hands down the most talented classical clarinet player in the whole UK. No joke. She’s bright as hell, and nothing gets past her. Especially the way Tony treats her best mate, Michelle.


Maxxie is magic on his feet and a whiz with his hands. He can have any boy he wants – and he wants them all. His partner-in-crime is Anwar, a “practicing” Muslim who doesn’t let the teachings of the Koran get in the way of his less spiritually-inclined pursuits.


Everyone loves the ethereal Cassie, who is completely bonkers. But magic with it. She’s a self-harming anorexic with zero self-esteem and a heart of gold. And we can’t forget Tony’s mysterious little sister, Effy, who keeps her mouth shut but gets up to more than you’d care to imagine. Together, these troublesome teens grab life by the balls and then give it a good twirl…


Skins was created by Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain.







4 thoughts on “America Needs to Tune in to BBC’s “Skins” on Sunday Nights

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  2. Jon-paul,

    Glad to see you have such great recommendations for American television audiences! I’m working with BBC Video to help spread the word about the release of “Skins: Volume 1” on DVD and have some more information about the show you might be interested in sharing on your blog.

    If you’re curious, or just want to say ‘hi’, shoot me an email.



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