Women’s Voices Against Sarah Palin

I came across a blog that was referred to me by a mutual fan of the Feast of Fools Podcast named Curtis who posted the url of their web site http://womenagainstsarahpalin.blogspot.com/.  I was really interested in what women thought about McCain’s choice for a running mate, Sarah Palin. I have heard positive statements from women on some conservative media so I wanted to hear the other side of the coin.
Here is a statement from the blog:   


We are not in the habit of criticizing women in the public sphere, as we usually feel we should support our female compatriots with as much encouragement as we can. However, Sarah Palin’s record is anti-woman. Feminism is not simply about achieving the power and status typically held by men. It’s about protecting and supporting the rights of women of all classes, races, cultures, and beliefs. Palin’s record and beliefs do not align with this. She was chosen by John McCain specifically because he believes that American women will vote for any female candidate regardless of their qualifications. He is wrong.

Here are samples of some of the 100,000 responses received at the blog:

Ms. Palin is no “model” Woman! Instead of helping to shatter glass ceilings, she seems to aspire to being one of the Good Old Boys holding others down. Sheer lip service from the Pitbull in Lipstick! Yet another Karl Rove mouthpiece!

Deborah G., old enough to see the hypocrisy, Latham, NY


I worked hard to get where I am. I was the first woman in my county to run for district judge back in 1990. I have two daughters and 3 granddaughters. I don’t want Palin taking women back to the dark ages. She certainly does not represent me! And she’s not doing well by her own children.

–Susan B., 59, Galveston, TX


Dear Ms. Palin—

Even in this very red state of Alabama, we know the difference between a show horse, a hobby horse, and a work horse. You do not represent working class women, farm wives or single mothers—ALL of whom turned to Hillary Clinton with great hopes. You charged women for their own rape kits when you were mayor in Wasilla. You use housekeepers and nannies to care for your kids. You don’t want sex education in schools, but you let your daughter get pregnant! You do not now, nor will you ever speak for us!

–Gita H., Montgomery, AL


As a woman and a registered Republican I am very concerned about the choice of Mrs. Palin as a vice-presidential candidate. I do not believe that she stands for most American woman as she is against a woman’s right to choose in medical decisions concerning her own body, she has demonstrated an intolerance for differing beliefs, she does not believe in birth control or sex education. I was planning on voting for McCain but the Republican ticket has lost my vote because of this choice.

–Carol C., Tiverton, RI

Women Against Sarah Palin:  http://womenagainstsarahpalin.blogspot.com/

Feast of Fools website: http://www.feastoffools.net/

5 thoughts on “Women’s Voices Against Sarah Palin

  1. The nerve of Ms. Palin likening herself to Hillary Clinton “putting 18,000,000 cracks in the glass ceiling!” If I could address her face-to-face, I’d paraphrase Sen. Lloyd Bentsen’s comeback to Dan Quayle in 1992 when Dan compared himself to JFK. To wit, “I felt like I knew Hillary Clinton, and like Hillary Clinton was my friend. You, Madam, are no Hillary Clinton.”

  2. Ladies,
    You are serious, and that is what is troublesome. Women, who fought for the right to be in the work place…saying they can do more than just have children. When you were saying that, who did you think was going to take care of the children? You say you are pro-choice…well, her choice is life.
    The govern’ts job is to protect us. Life begins at conception; I do believe I heard Biden say that, not to mention God.
    You see this problem will not go away. How can we protect whales, animals, and not our own human babies. We legislate law to give a right to kill them…for what?…our wants!!!! I was on the abortion table ladies, and at the last moment, with tears, got off the table…I just couldn’t kill my baby to make it easier for myself. I used my choice and changed my mind. I too have a voice…who is the voice for the growing baby in the womb? I could understand easier if you were coming from the right..see, then your concern for her and her family would make more sense…but you are attacking her because she is pro life, going to far to say she can’t be both a mother and a strong competent working woman who wants to lead.
    So let me see if I got this….you want to keep the law to kill your baby….but your upset with her, because she chose life, and now is getting help to do all she believes she is gifted for? Do I have that right? Shame on you.

  3. The issue for me is if so many people care about the growing baby in the womb ( the right to life) than why don’t these same people get personally involved in providing a solution rather than provide lip service.? I wonder \ if a pregnant women said “ok I wont abort this child will you raise it?” what would the answer be? Regardless to what I may feel at the end of the day it’s either put up or shut up. Actually the point is God does not impose his will so why should you are anyone else. It is a decision between the women and God. Not yours, not mine nor Palin’s or the supreme court. Reversing Roe vs Wade will not stop abortions it will only result into women dying in back allies!

  4. You guys are crazy. Sometimes, we have to vote for the better of not the greatest options. But, I for one, respect Mrs. Palin. It doesn’t matter who you are. A daughter getting pregnant could happen to anyone. Give her a break. I have known many church people that this has happened to
    Mrs. Palin is not perfect. Are you? Besides, she is a way better option than most. I think she will do a fine job. So, you all are saying you would rather have a Hillary Clinton do the job. She’s liberal in every way. Plus, she doesn’t even have morals. I mean, her husband had an affair in the white house.
    Did she even care? But you want her?

  5. Sarah Palin is her own person, an original, a pioneer. She’s a threat to those old-fashioned thinking feminists who think they’re “all that.” She is a champion of life not death. And the culture of death is shaking. Children come first. But they haven’t got the guts to face the truth.

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