BBC America’s Skins is the Show to Watch



This is my second posting on the BBC edgy teen drama, Skins, which I have been faithfully watching this season on BBC America. I am now convinced that this show has some of the best, if not the best, writing found in television today.

The show is not afraid to explore topics in such an honest and frank nature. The young cast is made up of believable and talented actors who bring such  fresh and convincing faces to their characters. As I mentioned in my previous posting (, the show’s writing staff is composed of both young writers in their teens and adult writers.

The most recent episode I saw included a class trip into Russia. In that one episode, religious morays, teacher/student sexual relationships, homosexual experimentation, an affair with a married woman, homophobia, bribery, betrayal, drug smuggling, friendship, underage drinking and Neil Diamond music was covered. There was a lot of very funny stuff also.

The kids in this show are likable and even with the kind of topics they handle, there is a real normalcy in some sense about them. You actually believe that some of these story lines are not too far from the truth.

The show is definitely for mature audiences but it is groundbreaking TV. If you have not tuned in yet to see it, check it out at 10:00 p.m. Eastern on Sundays on the BBC America.  I am sure Skins will win you over.

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