The Power of Pink

Mega Recording Artist Pink brings such a raw honesty to her rock music that is so contagious and truthful, it is no wonder that her latest album ” I’m not Dead” has spawn several hit songs. Funhouse is set to be released in October.

Pink is one of the the best music artists of her generation.


1. Stupid Girls

2.  Who Knew

3.  Long Way To Happy

4.  Nobody Knows

5.  Dear Mr. President

6.  I’m Not Dead

7.  Cuz I Can

8.  Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely)

9.  You And Your Hand

10.  Runaway

11.  The One That Got Away

12.  I Got Money Now

13.  Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self

14.  Fingers

15.  Centerfold

16.  I have seen the rain

17.  U + Ur Hand

Here is her current hit “So What!

Dear Mr. President

Pink ‘s Web Site:

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