General Hospital Night Shift – Being Gay is Not the Story

Chad Allen

Adam Grimes and Chad Allen

In the realm of the land of the Soap Opera, edgy topics often get played out that are current on the public landscape.  What is refreshing about General Hospital Night Shift is that the Gay Romance plot line is that the Gay part of the story is not the story. In fact, the gay element is just an acceptable and very open part of the character and his love interest. 

In this case, on Dr. Kyle Julian, played by Adam Grimes, is the gay man.  His central love interest is Chad Allen ( mostly known for his part in the TV series, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman) at least for a few episodes. Allen is a patient named Eric Whitlow who is in the hospital waiting for a liver transplant.

Even with the drama of a soap, the story line is a very healthy portrayal of gay men and a gay relationship. There is a maturity that speaks to a deeper and perhaps more universal binding theme that touches all people gay or straight. There is a real focus on the development of the love of two people. In this case, they just happen to be gay.

General Hospital has a long standing tradition for being a ground breaking soap often broaching some of the most controversial topics of the day. They reach beyond the caricature and stereotype, and in this plot line bring humanity to the face of gay people.  Men falling in love.  Finally, it is being put out there in the public eye with the dignity that reflects the lives of many same sex couples across the nation.

Kudos GH!

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