Mormons who Oppose Their Church’s Stand on Proposition 8

Not all members of the Church of Jesus of Christ of Latter Day Saints ( The Mormon Church) support their Church’s stand and aggressive involvement in trying to pass Proposition 8 which will effectively ban same sex marriage in California. Arguing that marriage equality should be extended to all, and that extending it to the gay community is for the good of society.

This kind of organized rhetoric against Church leadership by its members is often seen as grounds for loss of church membership for those members, as already evidenced by recent highly publicized stories in the media.  The Church lists as one of its tenets-obedience to their Prophet of God, who they view speaks the mind and will of God.  Speaking contrary in public to His counsel is speaking against God according to that viewpoint. That disloyalty is what leads to serious consequences.

However, these church members have spoken out according to their conscience and their sense of right and wrong. Proposition 8 is about human and civil rights.  Like any great cause that goes against the prevalent bigotry of the day, it requires many to stand up and sacrifice, in some cases their church membership, so progress can happen.

The organization list three purposes of their web site:

1)      To let the world know that not all Mormons (LDS church members) oppose gay marriage.


2)      To share our perspectives on both homosexuality and gay marriage with other Mormons who are meaningfully exploring the issues for the first time — and who are trying to make up their minds on how to think/feel/vote on the issue (if in California).



3)      Just as progressive LDS Church members in the 1960s and 1970s had an opportunity to speak out on the denial of priesthood to blacks — this is our chance, in our day, to express our thoughts and feelings (respectfully) in support of gays within the LDS Church, and of gay marriage within the U.S. (and abroad).

Mormons for Marriage:

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