Eli Stone – A Promising Stand Out 2nd Season

Jonny Lee Miller is Eli Stone

Jonny Lee Miller is Eli Stone

What kept me tuned in to ABC’s Eli Stone last season may have been its out of the box mixture of Ally McBeal comedy and broadway dance numbers; to its unmerciful, relentless humor of high powered lawyers; or its ability to transmit messages from the Divine through visions of George Michael and his music; to name just a few things.

It ultimately must be attributed to its great writing and great cast of actors. Jonny Lee Miller who plays Eli Stone is perfectly cast as the high powered self assured lawyer who starts receiving visions associated with an aneurysm in his brain. This ignites a series of bizarre behaviors both in and out of court that confuses, inspires and eventually turns the legal system on its ears as Stone is able to predict the future, and even win, through unconventional means, some really hard cases.  His visions even predicted a major earthquake.

The new season starts with him having underwent surgery and removing the aneurysm and at the same time losing his ability to see visions.  The first episode  takes us through his journey of self discovery of his purpose.

What is really good about Eli Stone is that it never really gets preachy and it really never champions religion. It champions the human spirit for good. I believe why the show resonates for a lot of people is that during our current times when we have seen the instability of the financial and political systems around us, we are all asking ourselves is there more to this existence than this rat race.  We all want to do something more meaningful in our lives.

Jonny Lee Miller and Natasha Henstridge

Jonny Lee Miller and Natasha Henstridge

Eli Stone is about finding that meaning.  Well balanced between comedy and drama, this is the perfect show to watch to escape from the rat race for a little while.

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