Were the World Mine – A Musicial About a Love Potion


Were the World Mine

Were the World Mine



 How many of us have not lived that fantasy of ” If only I can make him or her love me!”  If there was really such a thing as a magic love potion. 

Well in the new independent film musical by Tom Gustafson there is such a love potion and it is set to be out in wide release in November. It already has gotten some buzz in the independent film festivals it has been played at around the country.

The story centers on a small town gay teen experiencing small town prejudices concerning gays. Timothy, played by Tanner Cohen, drifts into musical daytime fantasies to cope with these challenges. One day he gets casts in the role of Puck Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Night’s Dream and discovers the secret recipe for a love potion.

Timothy goes on a crusade to turn everyone in the town gay to let them know he feels and to also finally get some mutual response from a high school jock at his all boys school. Well, you can only imagine the comedy of errors that ensues throughout the movie. There is great original music and dancing that really brings out the gay that has underscored every great American musical. Now we just all admit it and that is why we enjoy it.  So make sure you look for this one in the theaters in November. 

Were the World Mine Official Web Site: http://www.speakproductions.com/index.php

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