Exercise Your Vote for Your Favorite Podcast- The Feast of Fools!

It is voting season in America. There is a President to elect. There are Senatorial, Congressional, State and City Official candidates to decide on for key government positions. There are initiatives and referendums on almost every level. Many hard decisions for the voting public!

However, there is one election process that is easy to decide and that is the The People’s Choice Podcast Awards managed by Podcast Connect, Inc.  The awards are given out in several categories  to the nominees who receive the highest votes from the Internet public.

Nominated in two categories ( People’s Choice and GLBT)  is the Feast of Fools. Already a two time winner of the GLBT Podcast of the Year award, Feast of Fools has continued to be the leading edge podcast entertainment forum of its kind on the web.


Marc Felion, Amanda SteinStein, Fausto Fernos

Marc Felion, Amanda SteinStein, Fausto Fernos

The brain child of Fausto Fernos and Marc Felion, the Feast of Fools has garnered of a legion of thousands of fans from all over the world with its unique blend of topical discussions, humor, entertainment, celebrity interviews, community activism, and personal style.

Credit goes to the great chemistry between long time partners Fernos and Felion.  Most fans describe multiple laugh out loud moments with eachshow posted with the podcast. Celebrities like George Takei and Kathy Griffin have given some of most frank and revealing interviews on the Feast of Fools.

All their podcastsare free.  They do accept donations and fans can actually buy some really great tee shirts with proceeds going to to support the show.

Part of the likability of this podcast is the easy and approachable style of Fernos and Felion.  They are like the “Gay Boys Next Door” types. I personally attended a couple of their Meet and Greets that they hold occasionally when they take their podcast on the road. I have met both of them and talked to them. They are very genuine and they really mix with their fans well. 

“Feast of Fools draws in over 40,000 listeners every week with a round-table discussion of extraordinary news, social trends and celebrity interviews peppered with a delicious assortment of cocktail recipes.

Hosts Fausto Fernós and Marc Felionalong with their colorful friends and a dazzling array of guests portray a unique and hilarious take on some of the more overlooked stories in the media five days a week.

Their web site http://www.feastoffools.net/ has one of the most active community forums from humorous to passionate discussion threads on the issues of the day. There are great videos of some items associated with their podcasts. It is a great site! 

Here are some more facts:

• Over 40,000 downloads per week.
• iTunes’ #1 gay comedy podcast.
• World’s most downloaded GLBT podcast for any category.
• Ranks on the top 75 comedy podcasts on the iTunes Music Store.

There is a free mini newsletter , featured music from gay artists, and just a lot of fun!

How to vote: 

  1. Click on: http://www.podcastawards.com/
  2. Select Feast of Fools on People’s Choice and GLBT categories
  3. Vote every 24 hours until November 6th

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