Early Results Show Obama wins Guam


United States Territory of Guam

United States Territory of Guam

With 14 of 58 precincts of the United States Territory of Guam reporting, vote counts show Barack Obama  already garnering 63% of the vote.  Although, votes cast in a U.S. territory don’t officially count towards the tally for the Presidential win, this indicator bodes well for the Obama campaign.

Guam is the first place in the United States where polls open on this historic voting day.

2 thoughts on “Early Results Show Obama wins Guam

  1. Glenda, Before you tell anyone to get a drift, we know that votes placed by residents of a territory do not count towards the official count, but as a practice in most elections the residents are asked to place a vote to see what the unofficial count would be.

    A lot of times these territorial counts reflect the national trend.

    So Glenda, this was the intent of this article. So, my dear, you get a drift….

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