10 Years Together – Two Guys In-Love






Yesterday was a celebration for two of us. It was our Tenth Anniversary. Gary and I started our journey together back in Portland, Oregon. We are a same sex couple.


We now live in the San Francisco bay area. We have seen an initiative narrowly pass to add a constitutional amendment to the California state constitution to ban couples like us from getting married.


We are being discriminated against simply because of who we love and because we want to say “I do”.   On the level playing field of a democratic government where all citizens should be granted the same rights, the bigotry seeded by religious fundamentalism has been legalized.  No matter how it is positioned or packaged–it is Hate put into law.


This is a set back for our cause but the fight will continue until full civil rights are realized for the LGBT community. Nothing less is acceptable or right.


As Gary and I shared a wonderful and romantic dinner last night, my thoughts ran over the life we have built over these many years. It has been a life that has been built day by day, shared and earned, through hard and wonderful times. Our love has deepened for each other and our friendship strengthened. We are happy. What we have is beautiful and good.


We do not need society’s acceptance to tell us that our relationship is real or valid. We know it is and that is the only validity we need.


However, we have endeavor to have access to all equal rights under the law as every other citizen. As we reach this milestone in our relationship, I hope that one day with family and friends gathered around, that Gary and I will be able to marry legal and free without the fear of it being taken away.


Happy Anniversary, Gary!  One day we will be husbands.

8 thoughts on “10 Years Together – Two Guys In-Love

  1. This post made my evening. (And it helped that I was born and raised in PDX…)

    Even though I live in Tacoma, I have been following Prop 8 since it was announced. On Election night, I was on the phone with my Dad and little sister and we were all cheering for Obama like giddy teenage girls. We all shared in being choked up, and my Dad shared his stories about being assaulted and nearly killed by white supremacists while in college in the mid-70s.

    In the middle of our celebration, he told me that it looked like Prop 8 was going to pass and expressed his sadness, that while some minorities were celebrating a historical victory, others were going to be stripped of their basic civil rights.

    I’m definitely lucky, especially for an Island kid, that my Dad likes my partner and is so supportive. It’s a big deal, given how most Micronesians view homosexuality. But anyway, my Dad reassured me by reminding me that no civil rights matter ever gets resolved over night, and that as long as we continue to assert our rights we’ll be triumphant.

    Just wanted to share my little story and wish you and Gary a happy anniversary.

    One Love,
    Sha @ Islanesia.net

  2. “This is a set back for our cause but the fight will continue until full civil rights are realized for the LGBT community. Nothing less is acceptable or right.”

    Well-spoken! My heart is with you during this difficult time but know that you will persevere. Your community is not alone…others are with you.

    Happy 10th Anniversary weekend to both of you!

  3. I forgot to wish you a happy anniversary!!! I love you both so much and really envy the wonderful relationship you have built through the years. Something, I have never been able to do! I haven’t been with anyone for 10 years, married or not! Maybe I’ve been looking at the wrong sex, wouldn’t that just frost the family’s cookies!!!!!!!!! Love you!

  4. Hi, is this LEDDYBEAR??? A voice from the past??? Please contact me via e-mail, I live in California now and would love to support your website, I loved the stuff on your mom! You will have to update me, it looks like you found love again!

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