Boys Love ( DVD Review) Love, Jealousy, Tragedy





Boys Love came out in 2006 from Japan and was directed by Kôtarô Terauchi.   Using prose with narrative over a story that marries art and film, it takes a viewer on a journey of three souls caught up in both the joys and trappings of love.


There is definitely a theme of pedophilia that is touched on the film but the main actors are so youthful and look about the same age that that story line is never believed. It is also underscored.


The film tugs at you in waves as it peels off the layers behind each of the characters.  In some ways I felt I was watching theatre in the way some of the scenes where presented.


The cast members were believable and showed real chemistry. There was something about the added Japanese sensibility in the film that made the movie more powerful especially at the ending.


Boys Love is a gay film but it really contains a universal story about the dramatic pitches of love and some of its pitfalls. It is a good movie to watch if the winter snows have you stuck at home with a warm fire. Be ready to be moved.





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