Feast Of Fools Garners 3rd Win As Best GLBT Podcast

Picture courtesy of feastoffools.net

Picture courtesy of feastoffools.net

Continuing its lead as the premier gay podcast on the world wide web, the Feast of Fools with hosts Fausto Fernos and Marc Felion was named the 2008 People’s Choice Best GLBT Podcast run by Podcast Connect, Inc. The general public votes from a selection of nominees.

This is the third year in the row that the FOF has won the award which is reflective of the exponential growing international fan base and following that the podcast has gained over the past few years. With its unique program of celebrity interviews, gay cultural commentary, comedy, music, edgy topical discussions, entertainment and music by GLBT music artists, Fernos and Felion have produced what has become a benchmark in podcast excellence.

The podcast can be downloaded for free on iTunes or at on their website http://www.feastoffools.net/.   Supported by donations and some sponsors, the podcast has also become a formidable voice for the GLBT community on various topics.

Most recently, with the Proposition 8 initiative in California, FOF has been an advocate for awareness and a rallying point for same sex marriage advocates. Their web site also has one of the most active community forums attracting bloggers and some of the most active GLBT voices on the Internet.

The Feast of Fools contains testimonial after testimonial from its gay and straight fans praising not only its entertainment or comedic value but its relevance in today’s GLBT movement and in the individual lives of the GLBT community.

There is a reason why it has won this award three times in a row. Find out now and click on to http://www.feastoffools.net/

2 thoughts on “Feast Of Fools Garners 3rd Win As Best GLBT Podcast

  1. Michael,

    You are absolutely right. I truly believe that the Feast of Fools is one of the most significant GLBT and relevant voices for our community today. I am always trying to get people to check them out.


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