Debut Album For David Archuleta


David Archuleta (Jive Records)

David Archuleta (Jive Records)

Runner Ups to any contests often fade into anonymity. In the American Idol universe this is not the case. Second Season’s Clay Aiken prove this to be the case. Now we see the beginning of the same journey for last season’s runner up, David Archuleta.  His youth and talent have positioned him to an even higher meteoric rise and stardom much larger than Aiken or the other Idol winners have ever achieved.


His recently received album with its mixture of pop and blues themed music departs somewhat from the idol formula and delivers an Archuleta ready to take on the music scene and the hearts of his generation.


His collaboration with JC Chasez “Don’t Let Go” is one of my favorite tracks.  The single, Crush, is another pleaser.   “Let Me Go” offers an Archuleta that is edgier and can take him into a more urban sound.   His range is among the best among the young male voices in the industry.


His broad appeal will bring a wide fan base which bodes well for his marketability.   Archuleta is on course to be one of the greats.   This is just the beginning for him.

One thought on “Debut Album For David Archuleta

  1. While I certainly think David is a wonderful kid, with a lot of talent, I highly doubt he will ever surpass Clay Aiken’s abilities. That comment popped my eyes!!

    Clay can sing anything better than anyone, and having seen him in Spamalot, I can tell you his acting chops are more than just admirable too. His range and tone are superior to anyone else’s from Idol, and I highly doubt we will ever see the likes of his mind blowing voice on that show again.

    That said, the best singers don’t always get the best promotion. Clay’s has been horrendous, and the media has been totally unfair. Radio shunned him from Day One, for no good reason. Some of the very average, are shoved down our throats and touted as the second coming, and it works on a lot of fans.

    David A. will get lots of chances, even with Disney, I would guess, and I do wish him well. He seems to be a really nice boy, and a cutie to boot.

    Meanwhile, it’s David Cook that is plastered all over the place. That’s the one they have chosen for the golden boy.

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