Sam Sparro’s Music Reflects the Heart of a True Musician

Sam Sparro

Sam Sparro

 Sam Sparro is a consummate musician with the great voice who by sheer talent and determination has been able to burst into the music with a unique sound that grew up in the underground scene and is now emerging more into the mainstream consciousness.

His pop music is rich with lyrics. It is remarkably different and still modern without sounding flat like a lot of the Pre-Fab songs that are produced today.



Black and Gold was one of his notable of hits which portrays a uniquely cool image into the current pop scene.  His latest 21st Century Life is also a hit.

Speaking of his music beginnings, the following article was written on his site:

“Eventually he was forced to leave London and headed back to Los Angeles and took a job at a coffee shop. It was during some low moments that the existential track ‘Black and Gold’ was written. “I was feeling totally lost,” he remembers. “I didn’t know what I was doing. I was making cappuccino’s when I felt I should be onstage singing. That track came out of me looking up to the stars and seeing myself as a tiny speck in this infinite solar-system.”


Life began to look up when Sam discovered an underground LA scene that was more like Londonthan Sunset Boulevard. When his father mentioned putting on a speakeasy style night in the loft of David Jay from Bauhaus, Sam jumped at the chance. Alongside Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello, people would turn up with food and drink and check out new music from the likes of Sam and Morello’s Nightwatchmen. It was at one of these sessions that Sam met Jesse Rogg from record label Modus Vivendi. Impressed with Sam’s covers of Bill Withers and Chaka Khan, the two tentatively began working together, and, three years ago, Jesse signed Sam to the uber-cool indie.


Which brings us, basically, to today. About a year ago, the guys slipped out an EP on Modus as a tester; record labels from across the globe came knocking and the likes of Mark Ronson emailed Sam telling him how much he loved ‘Black and Gold.’ In recent weeks, a raft of Radio 1 DJ’s has been playing the track.

It’s just a taste of what’s to come.” –

21st Century Life

Black and Gold

Interview with Sam Sparro

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