Spending Black Friday Trying on Jeans


Black Friday 2008

Black Friday 2008 Photo by Tasithoughts

I was one of the unfortunate few who had to spend the day after Thanksgiving at work.  I also started real early in the morning so I was still recovering from the amount of good food I that ate the day beforefrom the big Turkey dinner.  Of course, everyone who came into work brought their leftovers. It was overkill and it made me feel  nauseous.

Thank God I was able to get my nonfat latte from Starbucks to shake that Thanksgiving taste out of me! I did whatever work I had to do , but quite frankly, with the holiday, work was slow. Also, I was given my lay off notice ( last day Jan. 30th). Our whole facility is being closed down by March.   Business is slowing to a snail’s pace.

Two of my work colleagues, Lucy and Sean, grabbed me for lunch and convinced me to go to the Stonebridge Mall to check out all the sales on Black Friday.  With all the dismal economic news, I expected a ghost town.

This was not the case when we got to the mall, it was slammed with people.  We entered through the Sears store and eventually went thought the mall into Macy’s.  We initially looked at shirts.  There was one I liked.

Fashionista Sean Leads the way

Fashionista Sean Leads the way Photo by Tasithoughts

Then we went and started looking at jeans.   It was like an episode of one of those reality makeover shows. Sean became a star fashionista and Lucy became his trusted assistant. He went through the various jean brands like an expert and chose jeans for me to wear.  Sean does not do this quietly. He announces every move loudly, strutting forward with arms waving like a regal…well…Queen.   Lucy, ever practical, nods in agreement.

Finding the sales

Finding the sales Photo by Tasithoughts

We arrived at the dressing room. I have about six or seven jeans to try on. Lucy and Sean wait in the seating area. Actually Sean is also trying things on , multi tasking, infatuated about how things look on him because as he puts it, he is the more “skinny” one.  Bless his little Nicole Ritchie heart!

I tried on each pair of jeans and  modeled before Lucy and Sean. After being told I had no ass and I don’t want to look like I am floating in the jeans, it was decided that that the two best brands and fits on me were “Joes” and  “Sevens.”   They were also the most expensive brands. Sean, ever frugal ( or cheap), told me to get them on sale.

I  did not buy the jeans or the shirt.  The lines were too long.  We had to get back to work.  I need to save some money…….Or maybe I will go back and buy them today.

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