The Day After Christmas – Bargain Hunting For Charities




The day after Christmas is usually a big shopping day because of the basement floor bargains and it is also a great day of returning that gift that Aunt Martha sent you that you really do not want or need.  These hard economic times make big sales days like this one even more important to stretch one’s pocketbook.



Imagine the impact on all the non-profit charity organizations out there facing funding cuts and fewer donations. They have to find more creative means to be able to provide the services that are now in even greater demand.


Here’s an idea.   If everyone would either take some of the cash they were going to use or buy something on the day after Christmas sales, and donate it to the charity of their choice, can you imagine the impact that would make to all these organizations?




Would it not add some sweetness to the mad frenzy of the shopping chaos that exists on that day and prolong the spirit of the season that we want and really need in our lives? There is something about bringing goodwill to all men that enlivens the soul.  We all need it desperately this holiday season. This coming year is going to be a difficult one and we can set the stage by reaching out and lending a hand.


Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts.

  ~Janice Maeditere

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