The Music of Our Lives

It is amazing how music can affect us or help us work through our moods and emotions. I read one of the posts on the community forums on the Feast of Fools and it got me thinking on the subject.

The following video was posted and it definitely is melancholy and moving. There is sadness and regret but also some reconciliation of self.

Joni Mitchell and Both Sides Now

The following video just speaks Happy to me. I mean I did grow up on an island. I enjoy this song so much when I am out on a summer day and life is going great!

Weezer : Island in the Sun

When I am in a romantic mood, this song always gets me. Gary and I chose this song as our song when we first decided to commit to eachother.

Shania Twain – From This Moment

The following video features a song that is simply inspirational to me.

Tom Goss -Rise

Now there is music to dance to that is sexy and hot. The following song is set against scenes from a show. It is one of the many songs that I love to dance to when my mood is just right.

Jim Verraros – Forbidden Love

This is for those restful moments of reflection

Pachelbel Canon in D Major

When I am recognizing that I have actually made progress despite the many obstacles I have faced.

Elton John -I’m Still Standing

For the Child and the Dreamer when I am feeling in it.

Kermit’s The Rainbow Connection

and that other Rainbow song

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Over the Rainbow

I still have more music like rock, hip hop, dance, country, hymns, latin, etc. that I have not posted. However, I think you get my point. Music plays an important part in my life and I believe in most people lives. So go ahead and play a song.

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