The Adventure Ahead



This past year one of my dear friends, Don, passed away from complications associated with cancer.  It was a prolonged fight which he bravely took on and outlived all expectations. He was able to live long enough to put things in order for his wife and to spend time with his children and grandchildren.


Gary and I were able to spend time with him a few months before his passing and found him to be weak from the treatments but very positive in his attitude. He was a man of much faith and said he had accepted the fact of his pending death. In fact Don shared with me his excitement and curiosity to find out what was on the other side.  How amazing, it was that he was ready for the adventure after death.


His funeral was a celebration of the life of this remarkable man and friend. Tears were shed but his wife and family were prepared to bid him a fond farewell. His wife spoke of the honorable and good husband he was to her.  His children spoke of a gentle, loving and fun father. His grandchildren gathered in the pews, full of life, carrying on the legacy of this man into future generations.


I am moved today by the memory of this friend of mine who faced great odds and challenges but was able to face them with courage. I use his example to buoy me up when I face my own challenges. He faced death. I just need to face life. Somehow I know that if Don were here, he would smile and let me know that there is still a great adventure ahead in this life for me. I look forward to it.

3 thoughts on “The Adventure Ahead

  1. Nicely written post. Sometimes it is hard for us to loose a friend, but I think its wonderful when someone truely comes to peace with passing on, whether it is the person passing, or their friends and family. Love to you and all that lost this friend.

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