My Ferry Boat Adventure with Lillian



When I was a young boy, my dad was in the Navy he was stationed in San Diego, California. Our family lived in the military housing on Coronado Island.


There was no bridge at the time but there were ferry boats that transported people and cars back and forth from the island to the city. I was fascinated by the boats and always wanted to ride on them. This was the beginning of my life long love of boats and ships.




One day, a neighbor girl named, Lillian, and I decided that we wanted to ride the ferry boat.   We love to talk about riding the ferry boats since we had done it before with our families. Lillian and I were bosom childhood buddies.  We  had many adventures together in Coronado.


I do not know how we did it but we somehow were able to escape the watchful eyes of our mothers and headed toward the piers that one day. 


We were both under 5 years old.  I do not know how long it took us to get there and how we figured the way to get to the place was the boats were docked, but we got there unharmed.  I could still remember seeing  the passing traffic and the big ferry boat looming above us.




I remembered that we attempted to get pass the toll collector and he stopped us short and asked us where we were going. I told him that we wanted to ride the boat.  I think he was a little concerned and asked us where our parents were and I think I told him they were at home. Lillian was too scared to talk. 




He told us that it costs money to ride the ferry boats and that we needed to sit at a nearby bench.  We did as we were told.  Soon after, a police officer came up to us and I remember him being very kind. He asked if we knew where we live and I told him yes. Lillian was still too scared to talk.


The police officer asked if we would like to ride a police car so he can take us home. I was real excited and I said that I would really like to take a ride in the car. Lillian did not want to ride it and she started crying.


So I got in the police car and Lillian walked on the sidewalk.  The police car followed along side Lillian slowly. She kept crying. I was too excited looking at the inside of the police car to really notice her too much. I just kept pointing my finger towards the direction that police man should drive to get to our housing area.


Soon, I saw two women running towards the car across the playground near our home.  One was Lillian’s mother and the other was mine. They were screaming hysterically. The officer stopped the car. Lillian ran to her mother. My mother ran to the car and grabbed me and then hugged me. She was sobbing and kept me asking me where we had wandered off to earlier in the afternoon.


The officer was able to explain the details to them.  I just remember my mother keeping a close watch on me after that day.  I did get to ride the ferry boat but mom was right by my side this time. She had the money to pay the fare. 

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