Salt Lake Auditions Brings the Talent to American Idol

After a dismal show of talent at the Jacksonville auditions, the Salt Lake City auditions were a marked change for American Idol.  Home to last year’s runner up David Archuleta, the contestants were polite even when turned down. They  were also chucked full of talent.


American Idol Contestant David Osmond

American Idol Contestant David Osmond





One notable contestant who made it through to Hollywood was David Osmond who is the son of Alan Osmond of the famed Osmond brothers. Like his father, David has multiple sclerosis and was recently confined to a wheelchair just a couple of months previous to the auditions.


Megan Corkrey is the 24 year old newly divorced mom who was the strongest talent of the night in my opinion. I can’t wait to see how she progresses as the contest continues throughout the season.


American Idol contestant Megan Corkrey

American Idol contestant Megan Corkrey





Rose Flack, the young girl from Idaho, who lost her dad, was also an interesting choice to pass through Hollywood but there is something about her that may surprise us. I am hoping she really brings it on in Hollywood. She really has this free spirited, Hippie vibe going on with her.


American Idol contestant Rose Flack

American Idol contestant Rose Flack





Austin Sisneros, 17 year old Class President, whose sincerity made him a pass through to Hollywood was reminiscent of Archuleta in some ways (not in the same voice talent) especially in that down to earth kind of Utah innocence.


Then there was 16 year old, Taylor Vaifanua, who reminded me of Jordan Sparks rounding up the top of the top talent that made an impression on me. She had great vocals and stage presence.


Except for Osmond, it looks like the talent was with the young ones.  I wonder if they are ready for the grueling Hollywood auditions when the gloves come off and the pressure is on to take their performance up several notches. They have to be if they want to be the next American Idol.


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