American Idol Week 1 Hollywood Auditions – Dreams Raised and Dreams Slashed


The first week of auditions in American Idol was brutal, quick and to the point. I am glad we are running through it quicker this season (or so it seems) and focusing on the talent.

 The group auditions brought the most drama. Bikini Girl (Katrina Darrell) was a high point in the silliness and she walked out in bitchiness after not being selected. I am sure she will end up in a career in reality shows or maybe posing for Playboy. We have not seen the last of her.


 It really is a great study on human nature when you put big egos, talent, a contest, pressure and national TV all together. Someone should do a doctoral dissertation on it. Maybe someone already has  at some University somewhere.

My biggest surprise is the struggle that Von Smith has had during his auditions. I have followed Von through his You Tube videos and saw him on the View performed. He is a great singer. Somehow something is being lost in these auditions. I hope he has a turnaround in his performances. America needs to see his talent in top form. He really is top ten quality material.

I was surprised by the elimination of David Osmond and Jessica Furney. My other favorites at this point are actually Jasmine Murray, Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey. They just have the “It” factor.


Well, we have to see how this coming week goes and see the numbers dwindled to a even smaller number as the competition really heats up and we start really rooting for our American Idol 2009!

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