American IDOL’s Top 36 Great Talent and Some Odd Choices



The Top 36 Contestants were finally selected for American Idol Season 8. Many of the selections look like some of the strongest talent to enter the contest in a while. However, there were some decisions that I seriously question the judges on and wonder if some of it was simply done for potential entertainment value and not just for singing talent.

I could not believe that Jamar Rodgers was not selected. He had more talent and more of the IT factor than Nick Mitchell ( alias Norman Gentle), who is destined to be the next Sanjaya. The next joke that was selected was Tatiana del Toro. My God, that girl is the most irritating thing since chalk scratching on a blackboard!

My favorites made it through, Danny Gokey, Von Smith, Adam Lambert, Anoop Desai, Jasmine Murray and Taylor Vaifanua. Of course, this list can change once the real singing competition begins.

 Despite some of the selections, I have high hopes for this season. It is a great distraction during these hard economic times. Let’s all forget our troubles , watch the show and vote for our American Idol.

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