Gokey, Grace and Braddy Shine in Group 1 Idol Performances

American Idol’s first group of top 36 contestants to compete for America’s votes turned in a mixed bag of performances. My top three favorites were Danny Gokey, who turned in the best performance of the evening. He has a soulful voice and a great range. Alexis Grace turned in a powerful performance and was compared to Kelly Clarkson by the judges. I think she even has more talent than our first American idol. The surprise of the night to me was Ricky Braddy, who was not featured during the first weeks of Idol, but has one of the best male voices. Simon complained that he did not have star quality. However with a voice like that, we know how the idol machine can change all that. Remember Jennifer Hudson and Clay Aiken?

 I was absolutely disappointed with Anoop Desai and Stephen Fowler’s performance. They really blew the chance to really wow America. They have to rely on their existing fan base to get them to the next round.

Why is Tatiana Nicole Del Toro still on the show?  She is plain wierd.

Now we will need to see what Group 2 delivers to us.

Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey


Alexis Grace

Alexis Grace


Ricky Braddy

Ricky Braddy

4 thoughts on “Gokey, Grace and Braddy Shine in Group 1 Idol Performances

  1. I am so surprised and disappointed that Ricky Braddy didn’t make the top 12. He was a standout much better than Michael Starver. Did he not win America’s votes because he doesn’t have “star quality” like Michael – because obviously Michael was just overflowing with star quality, yeah right!
    I wish people would vote on the best performance and stop looking at their hair, oh, but didn’t Michael have a crew cut too? I don’t understand. We can only hope for a wild card pick.

  2. Alexis Grace more talented than Kelly Clarkson?? You’ve got to be kidding. Her performance was barely above average. Kelly has one of the best voices in the music industry today. Please go to youtube and watch Alexis’s performance and then watch some of Kelly’s from season 1. If you still think Alexis is even close to Kelly’s talent you need your ears checked.

  3. Jake,

    LOL. Point Taken. However, the season is not over, yet. I reserve my judgement until it is all over. Rest assured I agree with you that Kelly Clarkson is one of the best voices in the industry. She gets heavy rotation on my Iphone.


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